Old Arc E​.​P.

by Old Arc




"Old Arc, an apparently seriously fresh duo from Santa Cruz, California. We can't even decide which of the five songs from their self-titled EP we like most, all are sample heavy synth monsters with the right amount of psych and soul and experimental extravaganza to keep us listening over and over..."

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Old Arc is Austin Lee and Stefen Lazer of Santa Cruz, CA.


released 29 July 2010

All songs mixed and produced by Austin Lee and Stefen Lazer



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Old Arc Santa Cruz, California

Old Arc is the collaborative work of Stefen Lazer & Austin Lee, from Santa Cruz, California.

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Track Name: Chief of Sun
Often others bury their heads in the sand
having seen the verity of man
And often others, vacant eyes glazed over in a haze,
speak of things they're not to say

Anointed effigy of the sun, i've never given you less
and there will only be one on the quest to find you

But pay the authority no mind, you can stare at the sun when you're on my time
Swore in the oath to office, But I can't keep the secret safe no more
Pay the authority no mind, you can stare at the sun when you're on my time
revel in our obelisk deity, 'cause I can't keep the secret safe no more

No more
Track Name: Poster Boy
Nothing but a voice in the wind, excuse my french, but i've been akin to making accidents material. Concrete.

Thoughts do grow and plan a funny way to show, this truth of personality came out.

I've got the rhythm trickling down to a science now.
Tell me, do you see god when the beat of the frequency is inside?

Holy illuminated illusions of light will allow you hallucinations of grooving enlightenment.

Impostor, I bet you'd forge a name on your own will.
Poster boy, how do you sleep at night knowing your looks could kill? How can you take it, Poster boy?
Track Name: Merchant Cross
Make a bloody name for yourself, while I open up the fire escape
I could write it off as someone else, if I had a million dollars to pay
Get your fuckin' hands up off my shelf, I did not want to involve the police
The difference in loans--you think I feel complacent? well your fuckin' with the intentions of a dead man.

Face down at the waist, they discipline ceremonially in sin,
and when the coroner cried, he didn't know what a divine accident he'd stumbled into

You'd best believe me, honey. I've got diseases, honey.
You underestimate the bones i'd break to contract them all on you, honey

All the bones i'd break to contract them all on you